Melrose Place's Shaun Sipos on Heather Locklear's Return and the Promise of Poolside Catfights


The revamped Melrose Place may be dogged with low ratings, but its producers are wasting no time hiring Heather Locklear to reprise her character Amanda Woodward from the original series. Last night Movieline caught up with show regular Shaun Sipos, who plays the blond, dark David Breck, to hypothesize about Amanda's entrance into the show, and where his brooding character will go next.

On Heather Locklear joining the cast:

"She did do a table-read, but it was her first day filming today. She's really sweet. I haven't had any scenes with her yet, but I look forward to working with her. She's entering as Katie's [Cassidy] boss. With the iron fist."

On the potential for an Amanda Woodward slapfight:

"My guess [is that it would happen] with Katie's character. I could just see it happening. Because they're both such strong characters that are very, very career-driven, and sort of put their feelings secondary to their careers, and their friendships secondary to their career. I could see some major controversy there."

On where his character David Breck is heading:

"I think with David you'll see -- I don't think it's a big secret, but -- that he and Lauren, played by Stephanie Jacobsen, are into each other. They start to hang out, and her side-life, that alternate lifestyle of paying tuition, hooking on the side, becomes a major friction that she's trying to hide from David. You'll also see a different side of David -- it's always about his anger, his frustrations in life, and his war with his father. You'll see more of the Robin Hood, where he's doing these illegal things to help the people in his building, and he really wants to have a family -- or a relationship with someone in his family."

This series requires a Woodward slapfight, right? Come on, producers. My blazer and mini skirt rumple in anticipation.