VIDEO: Lisa Kudrow's 'Smelly Cat' Reprise is as Close as You're Getting to a Friends Reunion


It's funny, the things you "learn" while writing a post on Matt LeBlanc biting Lisa Kudrow's style. Take this tidbit, gleaned from Kudrow's Wikipedia page: "It is official that Kudrow, and her other 5 cast members from Friends are getting together for a movie due out sometime in 2011." No, it is not official -- in fact, it is utterly unlikely, no matter how many British tabloids regularly generate the rumor. Until that hypothetical day, then, you're just going to have to enjoy video of Kudrow revisiting her Friends ballad "Smelly Cat," which she did last night at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

Kudrow was on stage with Courteney Cox Arquette at the Rock a Little Feed a Lot benefit concert for Feeding America when an audience member shouted out, "Play 'Smelly Cat!'" Resiting every promotional impulse to add, "You mean 'Smelly Cougar'?" Cox Arquette sold Kudrow down the river by demanding a guitar, then forcing her to reprise the ditty in front of the enormous crowd. The video is below. Could you BE any more excited?