Stalled Leonardo Di Caprio Project Receives the Chernin Touch


· Having settled into his freshly painted and fumigated production-company bungalow on the Fox lot, former News Corp. president Peter Chernin has gotten to the business of scavenging the grounds for stray projects. He appears to have found one in the mystery The Deep Blue Goodbye, an adaptation of the first novel featuring John D. MacDonald's famous beach-bum gumshoe "salvage consultant" Travis McGee. Leonardo DiCaprio has been attached to star and produce if/when the project ever found a studio champion; Chernin may or may not be it, but he needs something to do over there. [Variety]

After the jump: Olivia Wilde takes off for Days, the Terminator franchise gets ready for the auction block, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· No morning trade-news roundup is complete without yet another casting update from The Next Three Days: After learning separately that Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks and the Holy Randomness Trinity of RZA, Brian Dennehy and Ty Simpkins had all joined Paul Haggis's drama, we now hear that Olivia Wilde and Jonathan Tucker are the latest to sign up. [THR]

· Following the Weinsteins' and MGM's lead, the bankrupt Halcyon Company went out and got one of those fashionable Hollywood reorganization consultants to help dig it out of Chapter 11. The first step: Sell off the Terminator franchise, whose value is estimated to be "substantially greater than the $30 million Halcyon paid for it in 2007." Peter Chernin will probably take it for $10 million and signed Leo DiCaprio headshot. [DHD]

· Pushing Daisies E.P. Barry Sonnenfeld is headed back to ABC for an untitled half-hour comedy about a "harried mother" who discovers a suit that bestows her with superpowers. [Variety]

· I simply can't improve on this Hollywood Reporter headline: NBC turns chores into game show. [THR]


  • JudgeFudge says:

    If Ben Silverman was still with the company, the headline would've read " NBC and Starbucks VIA Turns Chores into Game Show"