Mel Gibson Takes The Beaver For a Jog


For those of you who said you'd believe Mel Gibson's lead casting in The Beaver when you saw it, here you go: The man behind Mad Max, Lethal Weapon and Malibu's most dramatic DUI arrest is currently trotting around director Jodie Foster's set, somewhere in New York, with a beaver puppet on his hand. Click through for the full-size image.

Movieline has already established the uncanny parallels that make this role near-perfect for Gibson, though I don't think we could have anticipated the true awkwardness of seeing how the Beaver sausage is made. That said, if you've read screenwriter Kyle Killen's Black List darling, than maybe you have all the narrative context you need. Please feel free to pass it along. Either way, you've got to admit: They still have way more chemistry than Gibson and Goldie Hawn.


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