Jon & Kate Minus One


TLC announced today that it will relaunch Jon & Kate Plus Eight in November without paunchy hostage Jon Gosselin. The newly rebranded Kate Plus Eight will focus on Kate's travails as a single mother, though Jon, who is attempting to stall the divorce, will still make occasional cameo appearances. TLC also announced that it will be developing another Kate Gosselin project for next year (she's got so much spare time!), though details on that one are scarce. Is it too much to hope for a Bachelorette hybrid with Kate surrounded by burly bodyguards pitching woo? [THR, PopEater]


  • Mikey says:

    I look forward to the inevitable spin-off series featuring a revolving door of Honduran nannies and zany, coke-addicted publicists

  • The Winchester says:

    It's all primer for TLC's long-term goal series: 8 Fucked Up Childhoods Made Us This Way.

  • They should just have Kathy Griffin come in and do it. The kids would barely notice, I'm sure.

  • Holly says:

    I'm concerned that the poll restricts us to choosing between "Team Jon" and "Team Kate", with no option for "Team Catastrophic Meteor Strike."

  • Tracy says:

    Of course they will leave him out and now he can go after her for support!!!!! Just as he wanted he's not gonna walk away from all that money without getting zip and he'll cry about support. She is gonna do a talk show. how pathetic and as she was quoted as saying(By Kathy Lee Gifford) its all about just a pay check. She could care less about those kids and their dealing with things no more then Jon does. They are both sorry excuses for parents and to be honest the less those kids have her around the better off they are they need to be raised by any one other then those two. Shes a bitch and hes just a dumb ass. good luck......

  • Mike says:

    How sad how she and TLC are exploiting the children. At least Jon is getting out of it. Who knows, they could be just fabricating all this for hype and viewership. Anybody watching this show are just supporting the exploitation of these kids.