For His Next Trick, Robert Gibbs Will Recite MacGruber Sketch From Memory


· Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called out a reporter's blockheaded invocation of the Will Ferrell Bushism "strategery," then brought things around to current SNL events by joking, "I'm going to curse in a minute, if that's cool." Congratulations, Jenny Slate: From zero to White House briefing room in one inadvertent cuss. Gotta be a new record.

· Zap2It has confirmed that Miley Cyrus landed a small role in Sex and the City 2, in which she'll show up to a red carpet event (presumably playing herself) in the same dress as Samantha. Hilarity will almost certainly ensue.

· More cancellations: Benjamin Bratt's A&E series The Cleaner, about a recovering addict who helped others overcome their chemical dependencies, was given the red light after two seasons. Last episode airs Sept. 15.

· Hollywood Elsewhere's Jeff Wells has been kept up nights worrying himself silly over the terrifying specter of ass bombs.

· The Playlist has posted the entire Karen O & The Kids' Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack, available for your listening pleasure. Tim Burton really needs to put "Heads Will Roll" into Alice in Wonderland. Are we right? We're totally right.

· Amanda Woodward, née Heather Locklear, was spotted around Melrose Place, where hopefully she was getting to the bottom of what led Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's character to be found lying face-down in the community hot tub.

· Here's some new photos of Henry Cavill on the set of The Tudors, rocking the 16th Century equivalent of blangy Mr. T-wear.


  • Furious D says:

    1. Way to go Jenny Slate, doing the same thing did wonders for Charles Rocket.
    2. And the sad thing is, that's the major plot twist of the movie.
    3. I guess A&E wasn't addicted to the show.
    4. Ass-bombs, pah, you should try curried chili night at Rusty's place. Those are ass bombs.
    5. Nah, I'm the one who is always right. It's a scientific fact.
    6. They placed a powerful magnet at the bottom of the hot tub, and it dragged down the metal parts in her new nose in a convoluted attempt at murder! Damn, I could write this shit.
    7. I pity the fool who dares to mock my ruff and pantaloons!

  • FrancoisTrueFaux says:

    If "living in fear lets the terrorists win", to them doesn't "ass-play let the sodomites win"?

  • Lowbrow says:

    And here I was thinking 'ass bomb' was just a synonym for The Beautiful Life.

  • Colander says:

    It better.