A Christmas Carol Trailer Faithfully Recreates Rollercoaster Set Pieces from Original Dickens Novel

It looks like Robert Zemeckis is going to shoot the rest of his movies using motion-capture CG, and when the trailer for his version of A Christmas Carol begins, it's hard to see why. Incredible expense and computing power appears to have been used to...make people look like people. Seems kinda redundant, no? And then the ghosts come, and it quickly becomes apparent what mo-cap could do that real-life shooting could not: lard the classic Dickens tale with as many insane 3-D action sequences as possible.

Thrill as Scrooge flies through snow-filled skies and water slides, and is even shot past the moon! Presumably, someone learns a lesson somewhere about how Tiny Tim's life is fucking boring compared to Scrooge's rad-ass hallucinations. If this is what sober reflection about the mistakes made in one's life looks like, sign us up for the two-day pass with the stopover at Disney's California Adventure.

VERDICT: I can't wait for Disney to revamp Pride & Prejudice with 3-D jetpack sequences. God bless us, every one!


  • James Smith says:

    I agree. Charles Dickens would turn in his grave if he saw this. One thing is updating a story to suit a modern audience but this is disrespectful. Hollywood dumbing down a classic story to reap in the big bucks.
    Robert Zemeckis is a very talented director - he made such classics as Back To The Future and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - but he's hit rock bottom with this Jim Carrey CGI 'A Christmas Carol'.

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