So Is John Travolta Finally Done with Scientology?


Mere days after John Travolta acknowledged his late son Jett's autism and the seizure disorder that led to his death last January, Scientology's critics are speculating that the Church's policies toward chronic illness -- policies that may have cost the 16-year-old his life, if he was denied treatment -- may have created an irreparable fissure between Travolta and his faith.

Kim Masters suggests that Travolta's admission contradicted Church tenets so openly that the longtime Scientologist may have reached a point of no return. At least that's the hope of some former members, including one epileptic who claims to have suffered devastating seizures when the Church persuaded her to downgrade her medication. That jibes a tad uncomfortably with the Travolta family's previous claims of using an alternative Church "detoxification" program. Combined with the previously admitted disuse of Jett's anti-seizure medication Depakote (family lawyers say it stopped working, though a doctor tells Masters that "patients don't ordinarily build up a tolerance"), it's potentially game-changing in some of the more tragic conceivable ways.

Travolta's got bigger issues at hand at the moment, testifying in the trial of two Bahamians accused of attempting to extort $25 million from him on the morning of Jett's death. Church flacks, meanwhile, are on the warpath, denying today that "chronic illness creates a stigma" or that anyone was ever discouraged to skip his or her meds, but also acknowledging, "We consider that you alone are responsible for the condition that you're in." Followed, of course, by, "It's a horrific, horrific thing for these people to take the tragic death of a young boy and try to turn it on his parents' religion."

Fair enough. But if/when you see a Scientologist kid fall off a trampoline? Then you've got a case.

· Travolta's Scientology Turning Point? [The Daily Beast]


  • stolidog says:

    “We consider that you alone are responsible for the condition that you’re in.”
    It's a shame that a 16 year old autistic kid could just figure that out on his own.

  • Jason Riggs says:

    Correct that one does not build a tolerance to this anti seizure medication. Also correct that "Scientology" does not allow the use of medications to ameleorate brain disorders. Indeed, according the Hubbard's "teachings," the brain is nothing but a "shock absorber" and mental illness does not exist.
    The way that JT's COS handlers will deal with Jett's death, per protocol, will be to blame it JT himself-- i.e. it will not be the the COS's fault for convincing JT to take his son off his medications. The handlers will instruct to Jon that it is all "his" fault, and that he "pulled it in" with his own actions. This has likely all ready occurred. Needless to say, there are many, many suicides in this "church".
    Google "the truth rundown" and tell me if you believe for one second they will deal with it in a forthright fashion at the COS.

  • Lydia William says:

    I must admit, that I am not too familiar with the religion of Scientology, nor am I familiar with Kim Masters. But I am very familiar with CBS News, they are a very creditable news source. CBS interviewed Tommy Davis on the topic on illnesses letting the public know about the facts and myths surrounding Scientology and their belief. Here is the link -
    It's funny how gossip can be consuetude as facts.
    There were similar post about John leaving Scientology, but the post ended up being rumors since John stated that he was not leaving his religion. You can see the report here -
    It's sad when the media attempts to use a death of someone child to exploit someone. I see the media on the same playing field as the people who tried to extort money from the Travolta family. It's disgusting and sad.
    With that said I support the Travolta's and hope that now they will finally be able to lay their sons soul to rest, as well the media learns from such a vainest attempt to gain readers.

  • stolidog says:

    could not, not could

  • stolidog says:

    all attempts are vainest, really.

  • Orskin says:

    I was shocked when Travolta told the truth, that his son was autistic. It is practically REQUIRED that members of this cult of space cadets (Hail Xenu!) lie to protect the cult.

  • Lowbrow says:

    Come out of the closet while you're at it.

  • Hymlic Manouver says:

    He's got another problem. There is a file of his deepest secrets, his confessional folder, at the cult offices which they will unleash to the public the second he says a word against them. If he leaves, it will be quietly.

  • Kila says:

    Look at all these gamers on this site; they are acting as if this was a Halo or World of War Carft game. This is a child’s death and a family lost, not marring some one on a online game. To you people who are making negative references you seem to be unhappy with your life and think that you are doing a good "game winning" cause. I know reality of life is very hard to deal with but the Travolta family needs support. Can you turn your game of for once and show humanitarian support for a family who has lost a child.