Six of the Biggest Celebrity Jeopardy! Losers Ever


Usually, Jeopardy! will devote just one week's worth of programming to Celebrity Jeopardy!, wherein bumbling celebrities answer questions (or question answers?) about very basic science and pop culture, but this year, the program is spreading its celebrity programming over the course of the year as part of a million-dollar charity tournament. In honor of the new format, let Movieline introduce you to our six favorite Celebrity Jeopardy! losers, starting with last Friday's winner of the $1,000 Final Jeopardy pity gift, Wolf Blitzer.


Guest: Wolf Blitzer

Competition: Dana Delany, Andy Richter

Year: 2009

Summary: Blitzer sailed through the first round, winning about $1,400, but former winner Richter wound up earning $39,000. In the second round, Blitzer biffed several questions in a row, leaving him with a wildly low -$4,600. Trebek was then forced to hand Blitzer free money to compete in Final Jeopardy (which he still lost).

Winnings Going Into Final Jeopardy: -$4,600

Best Incorrect Response: Q. "King David and Jesus both hailed from this town." A. "What is Jerusalem?"


Name: Camryn Manheim

Competition: Michael McKean, Richard Kind

Year: 1999

Summary: A classic case of unwieldy signaling device skills, Manheim spent almost the entire first round at $0 before nearly ending Double Jeopardy at -$200. After Alex Trebek commanded Kind and McKean to put down their buzzers (and Manheim was aided by a quick whispering session with Kind), she wound up on the plus side before Final Jeopardy.

Winnings Going Into Final Jeopardy: $800

Best Incorrect Response: Q. "At this 2-word command at the start of a fencing match, raise your sword toward the opponent." A. "I have no idea. I'm just so happy my thing worked."


Name: Martin Short

Competition: Joely Fisher, Mario Cantone

Year: 2006

Summary: The worst part of Celebrity Jeopardy! is when one comedian hogs screen-time, hinders game flow, and isn't funny. Short's incorrect response below says it all.

Winnings Going Into Final Jeopardy: -$1,600

Best Incorrect Response: Q. "Vantile Mack, the 257-pound 'Giant Baby' and 628-pound Jane Campbell were seen at this showman's American Museum." A. "Hi. Umm, I would say, umm, uh, uh. Ms. Oh, 'Do you wanna shoot the swans?' Who's that guy?"

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