Brothers Explores Sitcom Life After NFL


Like Eastbound & Down, Brothers revolves around a pro athlete that is forced to move home after burning through his cash, then has to navigate difficult relationships with his family -- only Brothers' protagonist, played by New York Giants veteran Michael Strahan, probably won't crash his car in alcohol-fueled rages and ditch his girlfriend at a gas station. Partly, that's because Brothers is on network television and partly, it's because no one can really get away with that kind of behavior onscreen aside from Danny McBride.

Brothers [8 PM, Fox]

The only minority-led sitcom to premiere this fall on major network television (unless you're counting The Cleveland Show), Brothers co-stars Carl Weathers and CCH Pounder and Daryl "Chill" Mitchell, best known for his work in The John Larroquette Show. The show already has a crowded guest roster for its first season, including Mike Tyson, Nancy O'Dell, Snoop Dogg and Kim Kardashian.

Law & Order [8 PM, NBC]

The Law & Order that did not get dumped on USA Networks and lose four of its regular characters begins its 20th season tonight. After the body of a war vet is found in a parking garage, Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Bernard's (Anthony Anderson) investigation leads them to a law professor (David Alan Basche) who was previously employed by the Department of Justice.

Psych [10 PM, USA]

Ever wondered what happened to Jaleel White after Family Matters? If you tune into Psych tonight, you won't really find out but you'll see how almost a decade of small guest spots affected Steven Urkel's looks. Kenan Thompson guest stars along with White, as Gus Dulé Hill investigates an a cappella murder.


Good Morning, Vietnam [10 PM, VH1]

This Barry Levinson film marked a new direction in Robin Williams' film career. Previously obscuring his on-screen vulnerability with his fast-talking comedian schtick, Levinson found a way to tap into the thespian depth that Williams would later rediscover with great success in Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King and Good Will Hunting.