The Book of Eli Trailer: Our Sepiapocalyptic Future Awaits


Have you happened to notice there's a rash of movies coming out set in post-doomsday Americas overrun by lawless (sometimes cannibal and robot-killing-machine!) villains? And they are shot in muted, duotone palettes meant to evoke the very bleakness -- the very lack of color, if you will -- of the lives and worlds they choose to depict? Well, I have, and it's time now to welcome one more addition to the growing canon of what I call the sepiapocalyptic movie:

The Hughes Brothers' The Book of Eli stars Denzel Washington as one of the few survivors of a cheesy screenwriting symposium ("30 winters ago, the war tore a hole in the sky...") wiped out by a giant mushroom cloud that spared only Old West archetypes and hairless, hissing cats. Eli has a book -- I think it's The Origin of the Species with New Forward by Kirk Cameron -- which becomes a source of much interest, as its pages are rumored to be the last known fuel source on Earth. That's why Gary Oldman will stop at nothing, not even suppressing a ridiculous Brooklyn accent, to get his hands on it. But watch out for that Mila, Eli! She might look cute, but she's a two-timing grifter who'll steal your ugly purse made of patchwork leather with a stuffed kitty toy on it!

The Verdict: There's no way I'm not seeing this, just as soon as I stumble onto it on a rainy Sunday afternoon on HBO Zone.

[via /Film]