This one goes out to anyone who was at TIFF: We're not sure whether to thank The Playlist or send them a bouquet of dead rats for identifying the song that played before every single screening at the festival, accompanied by a slide show of pairs of people in an audience reacting in unison to a movie (who were all racially segregated, for some reason). Anyway, the Coldplay knockoff song is by a Toronto band called Pilot Speed, and it's called "Light You Up." (We couldn't have come up with better names for a Toronto-based Coldplay knockoff band and song if we tried.) And we finally know what the singer is saying when he goes, "YOU ROFIN RAFFF WHEN ARFEN SREN..." The lyrics are on the YouTube page. [YouTube via ThePlaylist]


  • ThePlaylist says:

    Heh. I didn't like it either, but i had to track it down and figured for once I'd keep my opinions on it to myself.

  • Nemo says:

    Please tell me I wasn't the only one who wanted to tear down the speakers every time that dimwit wailed "For you and IIIIII...!!!" instead of "For you and MEEEE...!!!"