Do Community's Credits Contain an Inadvertent O.J. Simpson Reference?

After speeding through last week's pilot episode with a truncated opening credits sequence, the NBC comedy Community got to air the entire thing last night. It was a cute ten seconds or so, with each cast member's name written on the multiple surfaces of a paper-folding game. Still, as one of our tipsters pointed out, there's one kinda awkward thing about it.

Is it just us, or is there something a little weird about a knife stabbing deeply into the "Nicole Brown" part of actress Yvette Nicole Brown's name? We don't doubt that SAG naming rules have forced Brown to suffer enough when slating her name in auditions ("Yes, 'Nicole Brown,' like OJ's murdered ex-wife"), but now that unfortunate comparison's been enshrined in the opening credits of her big break. College can be a tough place, man.


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