Couples Weekend

Love (or something) was in the air this week at Movieline, where unlikely romances, friendships and other high-profile pairings bloomed full and bright. And those are just the highlight we remember. Check out the rest after the jump, and have a great weekend!

· The Emmys came and went with all their attendant analysis, conspiracy theories, protests and nostalgia. It was lovely and everything, but we're already on to the Oscars.

· Another wild week of interviews found Clive Owen, Juliette Binoche, Ben Whishaw, Audrey Tautou, Nathan Fillion, Louis Van Amstel, Verge designee Asher Book and One-Page Screenplay contributor Tucker Max paying us a visit.

· Jennifer's Body received a postmortem. A-list studio dumpees received a memorial. And The Princess and the Frog received a DNA test.

· We got an exclusive look at the plot for Clint Eastwood's new project while setting the development pace for makers of the forthcoming Barbie movie.

· A new TV season is underway, and with it we delivered trenchant reviews of How I Met Your Mother, The Good Wife, Cougar Town, Modern Family, Mercy, NCIS: Los Angeles, and last but, well, totally least, Eastwick.

· We can only hope that the casting sessions for Diablo Cody's Sweet Valley High adaptation go better than Nicolas Cage's unfortunate Superman costume fitting.

· We discovered Ethan Boroian can sing. And Katherine Heigl can act.

· With the help of President Obama's guide to giving great Late Show interview, we, too, hope to bump David Letterman's ratings to four-year highs someday.

· Oprah Winfrey hosted Jon Hamm and January Jones despite Mad Men's great Lawnmower Massacre of '63.

· As unlikely love triangles go, good luck topping Robert Pattinson, a New Moon she-wolf, and Max from Where the Wild Things Are.