Our Commenters of the Week Win a Photoshopped Cigarette!


Congratulations are in order to the writers of this week's five best comments, who have each earned themselves a Photoshopped cigarette plucked straight from the ad campaign of Californication! First, though, a Surgeon General's warning: The tar levels in such a cigarette can only be traced through Adobe Illustrator, and though these sticks are addictive, they make your computer run awfully slow when you smoke 'em. So who are our winners?

rj77 on Disney Tosses David Mamet's Diary of Anne Frank Into Turnaround: Well, damn. I was wondering how much makeup it would take to turn Rebecca Pidgeon into a convincing 15-year-old girl....

Furious D on When Courtney Met Hugo: A South of the Border Love Story: Isn't getting kissed by Courtney Love considered an assassination attempt in South America?

Anna on Movieline's Casting Suggestions for Diablo Cody's Sweet Valley High: You and men like you provided cosmic balance to my dykey refusal of my sister's hand-me-down training bra lit. Godspeed.

rue on It's a Bird! It's Insane! It's Kal-El's Dad, Nicolas Cage!: Tommy Wiseau as Superman?

The Cantankerist on An Ode to the Terrible Photoshopped Cigarette That is Californication's Advertising Mainstay:

Thou thinkst the lesser of me

As I rave on Dave Duchovny?

No, he's normally quite lovely and serene.

And surely now I figure

There is no transgression bigger

Than to make him out a cigarette machine.

This bold manipulation

Just for Californication

Is a calumny the nation should not see,

as Mulder, that rebeller,

that disparaged margin-dweller,

finds the cigga-smoking fella... and it's thee.