A Beautiful Death

· We have the first official casualty of the TV fall season: The Beautiful Life, the Ashton Kutcher-produced drama about we-have-no-f*cking-idea-but-probably-something-involving-attractive-people, has been canceled by The CW mid-way through shooting its seventh episode. @aplusk has yet to weigh in with how badly the network screwed over what could have been the Hill Street Blues of modeling.

· After an uproar, Kings Island amusement park in Ohio has taken down their Halloween display of dead celebrities, which featured skeletons dressed up to look like Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Farrah Fawcett and Billy Mays. What -- Patrick Swayze didn't make the cutoff date?

· As if there were any doubt, Tyson Beckford would be the top in his fantasy relationship with Barack Obama. Thank you, Andy Cohen. Not knowing was keeping us up at night.

· Recasting The Wizard of Oz. Don't panic, we think this is just hypothetical.


  • Girl86 says:

    @#1 - Nooo! What other show on a non-cable channel will I be able to watch to get my fill of attractive men constantly in various states of undress? Looks like it's back to fantasizing about only the top 50 men of Models.com.

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