When Courtney Met Hugo: A South of the Border Love Story


Hugo Chavez doesn't get to New York very often, but when he does, he knows how to make it count. An A-list reception greeted the Venezuelan president at last night's US premiere of the Oliver Stone documentary South of the Border, where Susan Sarandon, Shia LaBeouf, Carey Mulligan and other stars all dropped in to pay their respects. And since Chavez had already ascribed the characterization of Satan to George W. Bush on his last trip here, he didn't really have much of a way out when a very frisky Courtney Love accosted him at the after-party. More photos of this fall's most unlikely cultural summit after the jump.


"OMG! Did you see Shia and Carey? Are they adorable together or what? I guess the American media got at least that story right. Pigs."


"Courtney, not here. Not... Goddamnit, Courtney."


"Excuse me, Ms. Love? You have a touch of dictator on your cheek. No, your other -- OK, you got it."


Jeff Wells has more coverage of the film and Q&A itself, which featured Stone and Bolivian president Evo Morales as well. The doc still awaits a US distribution deal, but signed up with a sales agent yesterday to help accelerate that process. Bonus: Just for kicks, watch what happens when you Google "South of the Border IMDB." Courtney Love groupieship is the least of this film's problems.

[Photos: Mark Von Holden / WireImage]


  • V says:

    Courtney does looks like the Joker!
    This discussion about Chavez and the film is kind of sad. It is completely nonsense that people may think they can learn something about a culture, just because a so respectable director like Oliver Stone took time to film a movie, or because Fox tells you a story, etc. May be Ok if you enjoyed Oliver Stone's art or that you shared his point of view from different subjects, but that's it, it is just a movie, not real life. I invite you to turn off your TV and have a look to the world you have around you. You maybe surprised to find that a part from TV and movies, there is a different and interesting world out there.

  • Jorge says:

    You see? In your own words there is no diference at all, that revolution story is just full of bullshit! After 10 years Chavez is the living example of his goverment failure. So, who is the blind now?

  • VanessaGM says:

    I've been living on different regions in Venezuela for 31 years and I NEVER have been robbed or assaulted by anyone. Haters suck. Tell me at least one country of the planet who doesn't has poverty as a problem....or a city where there are not people sleeping at the streets.....maybe you are all moving to Monaco or Scandinavia the next month? Chavez is not a dictator, he doesn't hate the US, he hates CAPITALISM don't you get it? Venezuela's social situation is bipolar and as long as this desagreement between officialism and opposition continues, the improvements made and the development will be more difficult to achieve (2 steps forward 1 step back). I'm glad that he had met Courtney, but now, he should bring Madonna to Venezuela.

  • Pablo says:

    What a bunch of retarded comments i've read here.
    Chavez is not a dictator. He was voted again and again by the venezuelan people. And his government is the best government they had in decades. If you ignore that, you're a brainwashed asshole.
    Please, before doing stupid comments, try and get informed at least just a little.

  • - says:

    You're the brainwashed asshole, pablo, but the "democratic process" that Chavez has been doing all these years is a smoke curtain of his dictatorship, if you don't believe me, "try and get informed at least just a little"...

  • Guacamayo says:

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