'The Cleveland Show is Hilarious!' Think Makers of The Cleveland Show


· At this table read for The Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show, the room erupts in deafening laughter at a scene in which James Gandolfini is made to look ... fat? I think? I didn't laugh at all? Perhaps you will laugh? I'll stop asking questions now? OK? OK. [via THR]

· "Six women were arrested last night after they allegedly assaulted a female karaoke singer whose performance they panned." I'm resisting the urge to call these violent, marauding hooligans national heroes, so instead I'll just call them ... the next great girl group!

· This just in from Twitter: "Could the Movieline website be anymore far-right/evangelical Christian. What a bunch of arseholes!" Well, we certainly don't know what you are talking about, sir. Oh, and praise Jesus.

· Here's ET's peek behind the scenes of Nine. The highlight is when Mark Steines recreates Penelope Cruz's number, and slides seductively down a 50-foot, pink velvet drape.

· Movieline pal and Mad Men drug-dealer extraordinaire Miles Fisher stars in Megabot, which acknowledges that Power Rangers sometimes have their own, internal robot-demons to battle.


  • metroville says:

    Don't be coy. It's as shiny as Glenn Beck's face that Movieline is dedicated to bringing an end to the scurge of homosexuality.

  • metroville says:

    (That spelling error was, uh...totally delbirate. Just like that one.)

  • Furious D says:

    1. They're laughing because Fox is paying Seth McFarlane $100 million for all this.
    2. They sure are a sextet of delicate flowers. Which could be their girl group name.
    3. Are you sure he's actually read Movieline?
    4. Ooh, the ET hype, just in time for the Weinstein Company to announce that they're bumping it to 2078.
    5. It's about time.

  • Lowbrow says:

    How about: Vice Girls. Ha, ha, ha.

  • JudgeFudge says:

    Seth McFarlane should buy a bank. Then whenever anyone remarks on how crappy his work his, he can literally laugh all the way to the bank. Filled with his money. And then talk in some annoying voices once he's in there.

  • I know I come to Movieline for the Christ-inspired reflection and instruction. Now, everyone, you need to send Seth, Kyle, and the Gang your tithes or you're ALL GOING TO HELL!

  • Champoozie says:

    Apparently someone at Family Guy thinks that a recipe for success is to take one of the most consistently least funny characters from the show and center a new show around him, complete with some of the most uninspired voice work in the industry. Genius!......Wait.