Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw Talks to Movieline About the New Season and Her Character's Romance


Jessica Capshaw's newly regularized role on Grey's Anatomy comes at just the right time: Seattle Grace Hospital is enduring huge loss and tumult, setting the stage for her character Dr. Arizona Robbins's to get quickly caught up in the show's torrid web. Movieline caught up with Capshaw to discuss her character's arc on this season, premiering tonight on ABC, and working opposite the ferocious Sara Ramirez.

Capshaw told Movieline that her character's trajectory in the new season begins with mourning and progresses into deep romance sometime around the seventh episode.

"Basically, we come back with the same sort of bang that we go out with. There's a boatload of stuff that's happening, and clearly there's high stakes... and someone's gonna live, and someone's gonna die. And we also know who that is. But then there's the dealing with that, and because my character was sort of not a regular last year, I don't know everyone as well. There's a balance of dealing with what's happening, the grief, and then also running a hospital. You see a lot of doctor stuff out of Dr. Arizona Robbins.

"As the season progresses -- and we're only [filming] episode seven so far, we're not that far into it -- but then we get into Arizona's relationship with Callie, and how that is doing, and how they're doing, and the conflicts that are coming up with them together, and being apart, and how are they together. So, negotiating that relationship, and sort of trying to figure it out. You know, it's Grey's Anatomy. You have the life and death, the doctor stuff, and hopefully the very interesting trials and tribulations of their love lives."

Capshaw also noted that working with Sara Ramirez, who plays the firm but vulnerable Dr. Callie Torres, remains a great job perk.

"Sara is amazing, and she's incredibly grounded and a tried-and-true performer. She was on Broadway -- she's a really seasoned performer. She knows what's she's doing. She's a confident, easy presence. She's very fun, laid back, and it makes my job and her job great."