DJ AM's Drug-Intervention Series Coming to MTV After All


· After nearly a month of internal discussions (aka letting the headlines subside), executives at MTV have decided to air the eight banked episodes of the late DJ AM's drug-intervention series Gone Too Far. The timing remains to be worked out, but the network is apparently counting on the star's own suspected drug overdose on Aug. 28 to underscore the ravages of addiction more than it emphasizes the ghoulish exploitation factor of the whole enterprise. Good luck with that. [THR]

More Weinstein Company cuts, Burlesque gets a male face, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· The Weinstein Company's efficiency experts have suggested another round of staff cuts, this time recommending around 35 eliminations -- more than a third of the current roster -- to occur over the next month. The hard-noses at Miller Buckfire also suggested releasing no more than 10 films per year until the company is back to fighting trim. Betcha $1 Nine gets moved to 2010 by the time these guys are done with Harvey. [THR]

· Stanley Tucci will be the honorary above-the-line male in Burlesque, the Cher/Christina Aguilera musical about an aging stage star and young prodigy she takes under her sheer, spangled wing. [Variety]


· How about another slow clap for the photo desk at the Reporter, cracking Hollywood up for the second consecutive day with its random, motley arrangement of talent accompanying the news. Today, it's Ty Simpkins, RZA and Brian Dennehy, the latest additions to Paul Haggis's drama The Next Three Days. Don't ever change, guys. [THR]

· Jim Breuer is sprinting down the comeback trail, positioning a loose variation on his life story as a sitcom for NBC. The series would follow a stay-at-home dad who takes care of his elderly parents at the same time as his three daughters. No title as of yet, but Goat Man can't be too far off. [Variety]