Dancing With the Stars' Patrick Swayze Tribute: Tacky or Tasteful?


As interpretive-dance memorials for fallen movie icons go, you will likely never see a higher-profile piece of work than last night's Patrick Swayze tribute on Dancing with the Stars. And well-intentioned as it was, this morning I can't be sure if that's not a bad thing. Watch (or re-watch, if you dare) and decide for yourself after the jump.

Look: Tom Bergeron delivers a classy enough intro, and I don't doubt the show's dancing pros undertook the number from a place of sincerity and respect. And as I'm reminded today from within the second-guessing sanctuary of Movieline HQ, it's Dancing With the Stars -- a place where earnest tackiness is the high-rated coin of the realm. At least it wasn't Tom DeLay and Cheryl Burke grooving in erotic, finger-locked harmony to the strains of "Unchained Melody," right?

Well, sure. Nevertheless, that wasn't a goose-bump chill I experienced during the "Time of My Life" finale. It was more like a shiver, an involuntary reaction to a stiff breeze of bad vocals, plain-Jane choreography, bared flesh and the worse-than-usual stench of bad cheese. And anyway, what about the exploitation factor? Bergeron calls Swayze a friend of the show, but as far as I can tell, the late actor made exactly one appearance as a guest back in 2005. The whole thing was lacking in imagination even by DWTS standards, both patronizing and uninspired. Maybe a DeLay/Burke groin-grind was in order. Thoughts?

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  • Trust No One says:

    This is not a hard one. TACKY! The show was not up to par with DWTS top shelf performance. I'm really curious, who was the show really done for? (will probably never know) A Tribute is usually done in taste and style and supported by all involved. The whole show did not pass the smell test. The dancers did not make me feel that their hearts was in it. They were probably thinking, why are we doing this show as a tribute for Patrick Swayze? The entire idea was weak. Who was Patrick Swayze? He was known as a good guy. By all accounts, he and his wife, had a special relationship. He made a living dancing and acting. Wasn't an "A" lister, but, people liked him. His life was cut short by terminal health issues. PEOPLE! There are thousands of guys out there just like him. Do you get it? Lets move on.

  • Lee says: