Buzz Break: The Little Prince


· Hey, it's Lego Jake Gyllenhaal, for next year's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. I'm assuming this one is supposed to have plastic abs.

· Edward Norton is entirely willing to continue his game of Avengers Chicken for another round. Your move, Marvel!

· If the Dancing with the Stars tribute didn't sufficiently taint your Patrick Swayze afterglow, let his posthumous attack on Jennifer Grey suffice.

· Seth Rogen wrote a Simpsons episode where Homer is forced to lose weight in order to play a cinematic superhero. Yes, yes: sounds familiar.

· Stephen Moyer's border collie will serve as ringbearer when he weds Anna Paquin, says the actor. Just don't be surprised when he morphs into Sam Merlotte and objects to the vows.

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