EXCLUSIVE: Anne Heche Talks to Movieline About the Letterman Fiasco and Hung


While popcult junkies may say her legacy is defined by abduction theories and well-publicized relationships of varied success, Anne Heche is also -- and this deserves emphasis -- hilarious. The 40-year-old actress has graduated from bookending the world's most famous lesbian couple (at the time) to being an eminently watchable loose cannon and television star. Since the demise of her series Men in Trees in May 2008, she and boyfriend James Tupper, who co-starred on Trees with her, have won roles on two different series: HBO's Hung for Heche, and NBC's Mercy for Tupper. Movieline caught up with Heche to discuss their newly separated careers and whether she regrets calling her ex Coley Lafoon "a lazy ass" during that very special sit-down with Letterman.

Last night, Heche confessed to Movieline at the opening of the new Judith Leiber store on Rodeo Drive that she's a little unnerved now that Tupper works on a different series.

"I hate it!" she exclaimed. "Other girls get to work with him," before leaning in and deadpanning, "Taylor Schilling."

She continued, "I'm very excited for what he's doing, but... I am sad I don't get to work with him. Because... you know, I love him so much."

It's clear that little fazes the Six Days, Seven Nights actress, who endured a childhood filled with wretched parenting and more than a decade's worth of tabloid scrutiny. When addressing her appearance last month on The Late Show with David Letterman, where she mocked her ex-husband's alleged unemployment and ignited gales of awkward laughter across the country, Heche remained unabashed.

"That's my job!" she laughed, shaking her head. "To go on Letterman and make people laugh. Honestly, I think people are pretty used to it by now."

Honestly, people aren't used to it -- but that's why Heche will probably remain interesting for a long, long time.


  • Donovan says:

    Wow. That headshot belongs in a sci-fi miniseries. A scary one.

  • VoV says:

    Anne Heche would be perfect in the upcoming Stephenie Meyer novel-movie crossover ... "The Host"
    She already acts like she's from another planet.

  • el smrtmnky says:

    i'm on team heche. despite her crazy, she's a solid actress. she even made a run in the mill LMN offering, 2006's Fatal Desire, incredibly watchable and interesting. i'll even watch six days, seven nights just for her. crazy, i know.

  • HwoodHills says:

    "Attack of the Asian Swedes."
    I'd watch it.

  • Hear! Hear! The woman's a damn good actress and I can respect that. As long as people are actually good at the thing they're supposed to be famous for, I'm willing to let a lot of their personal shit slide.
    ...Well, except for that John Phillips. Jeez Louise with that guy.

  • snickers says:

    Where are the human-like wrinkles in that photo? Alien disguise FAIL.