4 New Television Shows That Kristin Chenoweth Would Instantly Improve


Shortly after stomping out her Best Supporting Actress competitors at Sunday's Emmys, Kristin Chenoweth turned to the onstage presenters, Jon Hamm and Tina Fey, and asked them to throw her a guest-star bone. How can Kristin Cavallari be getting regular MTV paychecks but a triple threat like Chenoweth is failing to find multi-episodic arcs, let alone her own series? Sure she has Glee, American Idol and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade appearances penciled into her fall schedule, but this woman can sing, dance and act herself into a travel-size suitcase. Movieline is taking the reins in this gross misuse of Hollywood resources to handpick five new series that Chenoweth would instantly meliorate.


1. Accidentally On Purpose

Reasoning: There's a certain hardness about Jenna Elfman, maybe it's her blunt delivery of lines or the difficulty of maneuvering a 6' frame gracefully. Whatever it is, Kristin Chenoweth could certainly soften the edge on Accidentally's protagonist. Elfman and Chenoweth do share a flower child spaciness that might link them as blood relatives, albeit grossly height-disparate ones.

Recommended Role: June, Sister of Billie (Jenna Elfman)

Recommended Arc: With Billie's pregnancy support system limited to her immature baby daddy and her crass, childless friends, she calls on her sister (Chenoweth) for an extended visit. A bubbly child psychologist, June sorts out everyone's messes (in the kitchen and the bedroom) and croons pitch-perfect lullabies to Billie's belly. After several episodes and several sexually tense moments between June and Billie's baby daddy, June is forced to evacuate.

2. Bored To Death


Reasoning: Chenoweth has spent her fair share of time in New York and has already won some metal for playing a singing, amateur detective, so she could certainly jolt this premium cable program with the life it deserves.

Recommended Role: Penelope, the rival Craigslist detective

Recommended Arc: Furious that someone is closing in on her casual crime-solving market, Penelope responds to Ames' Craigslist ad and feeds him a cockamamie story about an abusive ex-boyfriend that stripped her of her vintage guitar collection. The case has hipster appeal, and Ames can presumably solve it while strolling around the city high, so he signs on. After two days of fruitless investigation, Penelope deems Ames as a non-threat and they celebrate with a duet of battling energy levels.


3. Eastwick

Reasoning: Remember that little-seen, loser of a tuner Wicked that only grossed over $100 million internationally? Chenoweth played Glinda the Good Witch and well...witches.

Recommended Role: Ginny, the down-on-her-luck witch that tries to con the town out of money with a Leap Of Faith-style revival meeting

Recommended Arc: When Ginny traipses into Eastwick posing as a faith-healer, Joanna (Lindsay Price), Roxanne (Rebecca Romijn) and Kat (Jaime Ray Newman) sense that this evil witch is up to no good. The town's residents are harder to convince since they've already been "bewitched" by Ginny's stunning choreographed "Ready for a Miracle" song and dance. Special appearance by Meat Loaf.


4. NCIS: Los Angeles

Reasoning: Law & Order: Criminal Intent recruited a detective (Jeff Goldblum) that breaks into spontaneous piano interludes while questioning murder suspects, so why can't the NCIS spin-off have a musically gifted special agent?

Recommended Role: Special Agent Jill Andrews

Recommended Arc: When a seven-year old deaf boy and his mother are kidnapped to blackmail a Navy Commander, Special Agent Callen (Chris O'Donnell) calls on Andrews to narrow down the suspects (all operatic tenors) with her world-renowned soprano interrogation. Andrews is intent on solving the case because she was kidnapped by asymphony conductor as a child. Later in the season, Callen and Andrews become romantically entangled.