Which of These Young Stars Will Be David Fincher's First Facebook Movie Casualty?

Last anyone heard about The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin's story of Facebook's founding and meteoric rise, David Fincher was looking likely as the project's director. Apparently that deal is done, however, and the filmmaker has moved on to the casting stage, recruiting Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield as the central trio of Facebook founders, movers and shakers. Network begins shooting next month, and we all know what that means: One of these young actors will be completely alienated by Fincher's brash, uncompromising style by November. But who will it be? Place your bets after the jump.

Of course Jake Gyllenhaal's multi-take torment on the set of Zodiac has reached near-mythological levels by now. Yet while some may chalk that interlude up to an exceptionally fragile star, you can always count on some degree of ego-scorching combustibility on a Fincher set. Now that he has Eisenberg playing Facebook co-creator and 20-something billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, with Timberlake and Garfield supporting as the site's founding president and disillusioned co-founder, respectively, someone is bound to get the Fincher Treatment sooner or later.

We'll probably hear all about it during next year's imminent press tour, but for now, your best guesses are welcome. Vote away, and contribute your ballbusting Fincher-on-JT fantasy scenarios in the comments. They're probably going to be closer to reality than you think.

Which of These Young Stars Will Be David Fincher's First 'Facebook' Movie Casualty?(opinion)

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