'No Signal'


· The Mozart of pop culture montages, Rich from FourFour, put together this amazing array of horror and suspense movie characters all expressing an inability to get their cellphones to work. We'd tell you more about it but we have no signal. AGGGGGGHHHHH!

· Tom Ford, the man Harvey Weinstein is going to run an awards circuit gantlet until there's holes in the soles of his patent leather loafers, is currently seeking $50 million little dollars to get his women's wear line off the ground.

· Jude Law is the daddy of a little girl named Sophia. Congratulations to the parents, who are still getting to know one another.

· Man, George Jetson is having a helluva time lately, ain't he?

· Justine Bateman is pissed off about something or other on Twitter. We can't be bothered to figure out what or why.


  • Furious D says:

    1. Everyone knows evils is always in inverse proportion to the quality of your cellular service. No signal, lotta evil.
    2. Getting into business with Harvey Weinstein is no way to earn investor confidence these days.
    3. Jude better put a love knot in his lariat if he intends to keep chasing skirt the way he does.
    4. It's about time, that bastard Fred Flintstone was hogging all the fun.
    5. She's pissed because she realized that it's been 20 years since Family Ties went off the air, and that was the last time she worked.

  • Lowbrow says:

    For being only 24 years-old, Jude's baby mama looks abnormally haggard. Stop looking into the Dark Crystal!