Christian Slater Returns With The Forgotten


Sometime after guest-starring on My Name Is Earl, Christian Slater was bit by the network television bug and premiered his own NBC series, a short-lived, psychological thriller series called My Own Worst Enemy. Tonight, Christian Slater gets anther shot to cash in on small screen work with his premiere of ABC's The Forgotten. Let's hope The Forgotten is more easily remembered than My Own Worst Enemy, or else Slater might be having to stretch his Curb Your Enthusiasm check.

The Forgotten [10 PM, ABC]

This ABC crime series follows a group of volunteers (The Forgotten Network) working to identify the victims of unsolved murders. In the series opener, the Forgotten Network struggles to identify the body of a woman found in a wooded area. Alex Donovan, Candace Butler and Michelle Borth co-star.

NCIS: Los Angeles [9 PM, CBS]

Even though LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell aren't exactly blessed with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte (or even Martin Lawrence and Luke Wilson in Blue Streak) chemistry, the strange writing of NCIS: Los Angeles will help smooth out the rougher edges of their naval police work on this spin-off. Why its lead-in and benefactor NCIS is one of the most popular shows on television is still a mystery to many, but tonight's episode will probably be almost as funny as Leno.

Biggest Loser [8 PM, NBC]

While CBS and ABC premiere new scripted series tonight, NBC will sink into its peacock patterned couch and cash in on the easy ratings of its reality cow (now two hours) to warm up Leno-viewers. As with each season, a chef (Curtis Stone) will instruct the contestants on cooking healthy meals during a kitchen boot camp before a special balance challenge.


North by Northwest [8 PM, TCM]

In about 20 years or so, most of the people who saw Hitchcock movies in the theater will be dead and updated remakes will flood the multiplexes. This classic will be the hardest to reimagine for a lot of reasons (biplanes will be all but extinct with the world having run out of petroleum), but the main one is Cary Grant's genre-defining performance as the wrong man pursued by sinister forces. Not only does he make fear sexy, but he runs away with the calm urgency of a rich man with the great inconvenience of not being able to grab a cab on St. Patrick's Day.


  • el smrtmnky says:

    and here i thought the forgotten network was HBO

  • Lowbrow says:

    Perhaps portending your series with defeatist titles such as My Own Worst Enemy or The Forgotten may not be the best formula for longevity.
    Or maybe we all just hate Christian Slater. Although it's hard to blame the man for his recent network lemons; after the sublime Alone in the Dark, there really was nowhere to go but down.
    Just ask Tara Reid.