It's a Bird! It's Insane! It's Kal-El's Dad, Nicolas Cage!


Pop Quiz! In the picture above, Nicolas Cage is costumed as:

a) the Man of Steel in a test shot for Tim Burton's long-aborted Superman Lives

b) Viggo from Ghostbusters II

c) a body-painted Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair

The answer (and the video it came from) is after the jump!

And the answer is... "a," maybe? You see, the screencap is from the following video, posted to the Twitter of TimBurtonJP. He's a Twitter user who seemed to stumble upon fairly authentic Brainiac sketches from the same film back in July, so...who knows? Boy, remember when the advance buzz on Bryan Singer's version was that it might be too gay?

Take a look: