Which Soundtrack Will You Chase Down First: New Moon's or The Fantastic Mr. Fox's?

They are two of the most anticipated movie soundtracks in some time, and the track listings for both have been revealed today (with much thanks to The Playlist). In one corner, we have Wes Anderson's The Fantastic Mr. Fox, available for purchase November 3rd. Not surprisingly, it's a 25-track monster from the master curator of melancholy musical curios and modern pop antiquities.

Burl "Big Daddy" Ives is the most represented, with three songs in total -- including the nursery rhyme hoedown, "Fooba Wooba John" (performed here by the Kidsongs.com army; beware their evil choir leader in the world's largest valedictory hat). The Beach Boys are also in attendance with the original version of "Heroes and Villains" from the unfinished SMiLE (found it here), and Anderson perennial The Rolling Stones make an appearance with Beggars Banquet classic, "Street Fighting Man." Jarvis Cocker recorded an original, too -- "Fantastic Mr. Fox AKA Petey's Song."

Too ancient? Too esoteric? Well, then, perhaps you'd prefer the challenger.

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