Which Neil Patrick Harris-Snubbed Network Was the Victim of a Possible Emmy Conspiracy?


Last week, we explored a Kanye West conspiracy theory regarding the rapper's now-historic "Imma Let You Finish" VMA stunt and today it seems there is another award show curiosity to entertain. During last night's opening segment of the Emmys, Neil Patrick Harris sang about a series of television networks during his opening "Put Down The Remote" number, but one channel was mysteriously missing.

After mentioning a few stars in the audience like Tina Fey and Jon Hamm, the Emmys' polarizing host listed nearly every network represented at the ceremony and not: "A&E, ABC, Starz and Biography, BET, Fox and Discovery, IFC, Spike TV, C-Span and TNT, CBS, PBS, AMC, History and QVC, CBS, PBS, CNN, Showtime and Oxygen," in a breath- defying exhibit of showmanship and memorization that left out the night's 99-times nominee: HBO.

In case anyone thought that the host may have just forgotten to insert the night's most-nominated network, a visual display behind Harris proved that in the midst of finding ways to squeeze in mentions of QVC, Oxygen and PBS, producers failed to script in HBO.

· HBO Snubbed From Emmy Song [Hollywood Reporter]


  • James says:

    It's clear NPH is still mad for not being cast as Gay Vito in the Sopranos and is holding a grudge.

  • Lowbrow says:

    The Emmy producers are right on the money with this one. I'd watch PBS over HBO any day. Come on - Antiques Roadshow versus Six Feet Under? There's just no contest.
    Can you feel the sarcasm?

  • VoV says:

    Why would anyone watch Entourage, True Blood, Big Love, Curb Your Enthusiasm, or any number of premium movies or original series without commercial interruption when there are plenty of overweight non-celebrities dancing, exercising, singing, remodeling their homes, raising their multiple-birth children, letting pompous British women posing as nannies insult their lack of child-raising skills, swapping their loved ones, and of course, driving big trucks and fishing!?

  • rachaels says:

    umm..what about the other winning-est network, NBC? methinks this was just a matter of fitting music and lyrics together and not a vast right-wing conspiracy.

  • snaporaz says:

    "polarizing" host? that is a joke, right?
    i checked and the only person on the whole internets who didn't thought NPH did a great job was your co-worker Louis something. and since he seems to have some sort of personal problem with Neil, his opinion hardly counts.