Drew Barrymore Involved In Jay Leno's Green Car Pile Up

NBC rewarded the 40% of viewers that had not already bailed on The Jay Leno Show during its first week of awkward video interviews, recycled headlines and excruciatingly long car wash sketches with the first Green Car Challenge on Friday night. With palpable anticipation in the air, Leno triumphantly marched guest Drew Barrymore and the studio audience down to the racetrack, where he placed a helmet on Barrymore's head, buckled her into her Ford Focus and then -- tortured bystanders with an agonizing Whip It/Leno Show cross-promotion.

The crowd standing by (NBC couldn't afford bleachers?) as Barrymore zipped around the track twice at approximately 35 MPH seemed bored with the awkward talk-and-race recipe. Leno himself seemed so preoccupied with rattling off the sponsors' names that he cut Barrymore off during what might have actually turned into an interesting anecdote. Hopefully Leno will have his kinks worked out by the time Rush Limbaugh hops into Jay's electric car.