Exposed! Robert Pattinson's Tense Morning After with New Moon She-Wolf

LA Times photographer David Strick was granted access to the set of New Moon, where -- amid snapping enough pictures of Taylor Lautner's rippling torso to drive even Bruce Weber to exclaim, "OK, enough already, we get it -- this very pretty boy has nice abs!" -- he caught this hugely uncomfortable moment between star Robert Pattinson and Shirlee the White She-Wolf. In it, the two are barely capable of making direct eye-contact after what we can only imagine was a quick and clumsy tryst, the regrettable result of perhaps a few too many Pomegranate Twilightinies at the wrap party the night before. See the full photosuite here.

· Dave Strick's Hollywood Backlot [LAT]


  • Anonymous says:

    this is the funniest article, and the funniest picture.

  • David Strick says:

    Just for the record, the photographer's name is David Strick, not Dave Strick, and the L.A. Times web feature is called David Strick's Hollywood Backlot, not Dave Strick's Hollywood Backlot. I am in a position to know these things.