Will Annette Bening and Hilary Swank Have Their Third Oscars Rematch This Year?


Annette Bening hasn't worked very much over the last decade, but we all know that when she has, it's been with the express purpose of providing an obstacle in Hilary Swank's path to Oscar glory. Her American Beauty hopes in 1999? Dashed by Swank's Boys Don't Cry breakout! Her Oscar-nominated role in 2004's Being Julia? KO'd by Swank's Million Dollar Baby win! Now, here comes Swank with her Academy hopeful Amelia, based on the life of famed aviatrix Amelia Earheart. Can Bening once again play her potential spoiler?

Potentially, if a distributor picks up her buzzy TIFF film Mother and Child. Directed by Rodrigo Garcia (Nine Lives), it's the tale of three women: a brittle caretaker (Annette Bening), the daughter she put up for adoption long ago (Naomi Watts), and another young woman (Kerry Washington) who's looking to adopt herself.

Buzz is high for Bening's performance in particular, though if a distributor does push the film out this year, there's always the chance that Bening could slot herself in Supporting due to the film's ensemble nature. Haha, who are we kidding, Bening is probably already practicing her rendition of "Why, I don't mind at all that Hilary and I are both nominated again! It's a pleasure to see her during the awards circuit." She is vigorously filing her nails while doing so.