Is This Latex-Allergic Preteen the Face of Modern Racism?


Oh, Facebook. Always providing ample opportunity for racist diatribes from our favorite 90s PBS stars. Never change.

Zoe Costello, one of the cast members from PBS' '90s reboot of the instructional children's show Zoom, apparently doesn't like it when nostalgic superfans write on her Facebook wall and ask if she's "still allergic to Latex." Costello, who regularly sat out from balloon-utilizing team games on the show, exploded at two fans over their childish obsessions. Oh, and also their skin color. Watch this NYU-educated child star combust after the jump.

Look, the superfans shouldn't have posted a picture of Latex gloves on Zoe's wall and asked her about her (non?) allergy. Fair enough. But I think Zoe could've just blocked these guys and left it at that. Except whoops, she decided it was high-time to cook up (in Cafe Zoom form) a crock pot full of prejudice.


Oh, no. I don't believe that man's name is really "Matthew chingdangchong." She got that one wrong. Just comes to show that it's never too late to add to the massive Rube Goldberg contraption that is intolerance.

When Zoom Members Attack [ONTD]


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