Imma Let You Finish

No sooner had Movieline gone international this week for the Toronto Film Festival than Kanye West stormed our stage with a brief message of his own. And that was literally just the beginning of one of our busiest weeks ever. Look back with us after the jump, and have a great weekend!

· Among this week's big stories from the Toronto Film Festival, we hit up the opening-night stinker Creation before running into Michael Caine, the Coen Brothers, Julianne Moore and Atom Egoyan and one of the best films of this (or any) fest, Last Ride. And then there was Zombie Yoko.

· Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. What more can we say about that jackass? Let's try to put this episode behind us, America. You go first, Taylor Swift.

· Had it not been for Kanye's appearance and the critical takedowns, we might not have known The Jay Leno Show premiered at all.

· What a week at the Movieline Interview desk, where Cillian Murphy, Scott Bakula, Brett Ratner, John Hillcoat, Karyn Kusama, Bill Hader, Verge selectee Johnny Simmons and Disappearance of Alice Creed stars Eddie Marsan and Martin Compston all sat down for a talk.

· Mad Men and Project Runway received their appropriate periods of Movieline reflection.

· This Is It, New Moon, Stone, Paranormal Activity, and the TIFF darling A Single Man all were subjected to a Two-Minute Verdict.

· We got a sneak peek at the Sam-and-Diane hate-screw sequence from Cheers: A XXX Parody. Not to be outdone, Rhett Reese and and Paul Wernick sent along a slightly more dignified One-Page Screenplay.

· Meanwhile, Natalie Portman and 90210's Maeve Quinlan both played "My Favorite Scene" with us, and we made red-carpet friends with Christina Hendricks and Topher Grace.

· We asked the hard questions, including (but not limited to), "Is America's Best Dance Crew our greatest reality competition?" and "Is The Topp Twins this year's Anvil?"

· While Megan Fox elaborated on her lesbian side in Toronto, a few anti-Fox insurgents were killed trying to take over Michael Bay's blog.

· Patrick Swayze passed. We saluted him.

· And finally, just so it's clear, Mark Lisanti will not help you pick out your f*cking headshot.