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So how did NBC fare with their Thursday night comedy block? Mixed results: The Jay Leno Show continues to stumble, pulling in a 2.7/8 and 8.5 million viewers, or about 10 million fewer than checked out the premiere. More people watched a rerun of CBS' The Mentalist. Community (our review here) had the highest retention of any new show to follow The Office -- 3.7/10. SNL Weekend Update and Parks a& Recreation both tanked, with a 2.0/7 and 2.1/6. Season 19 (!) of CBS's Survivor got a 3.6/11 and 11.5 million viewers, though that could steadily rise as America catches on to Russell Hantz, whom industry-watchers claim has an "amazing sociopath Q-rating. He's watercooler-worthy!" But the surprise winner of the night? Fox, with healthy debuts for Bones and Fringe. [The Wrap]