Our Commenters of the Week Win 2 Admirals' Platinum Passes to the Jay Leno Airport Lounge!


It's been a nonstop two weeks, hasn't it? What better time for our best commenters from the period to win a prize like this one: access to Jay Leno's brand-new, relaxing airport lounge (also known as the Jay Leno Show set). Put down your carry-on and peruse our winners:

OldTowneTavern on Oprah's Mad Men Monday: Damn, that woman. She got me with Whitney, now she's dragging me back in next week. That woman is like the island in Lost. You try to so hard to get away, and once you do, you grow a terrible beard, cry a lot, and fly around aimlessly hoping to get back to her.

Mikey on Which Classic TV Mom Was Gang Raped on Basic Cable Last Night?: This would not be the first time I lost money betting on a Meredith Baxter Birney gang bang.

Phil on Zombie John Lennon and Yoko Ono Terrorize Toronto!: All we are saying / Is give brains a chance.

Colander on Roast Coen: "Anybody here see The Ladykillers? I haven't seen that many stereotypical black people since Lisa Lampanelli's birthday party."

Old No.7 on Mama Heigl: Well, so much for that adoption agency's efforts to rescue an innocent Korean infant from a batshit-crazy dictator.

Congratulations to our winners!


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