BUZZ BREAK: Hey Ladies, Get Your Pantsless Zac Efron Lunchboxes!


· Artist David Kawena specializes in, um, hypersexualized pin-ups of Disney's animated princes -- but he made a live-action exception for High School Musical's Troy Bolton. [via Queerty]

· Here's seven new character banners for The Fantastic Mr. Fox. They have their clothes on.

· Oprah's new book club selection is an anthology of short stories by Nigerian author Uwem Akpan's called Say You're One Of Them. Here she is, just moments after announcing it, looking utterly bewildered by Mariah Cariah.

· Suzanne Somers blamed chemo for killing Patrick Swayze at the TIFF party for A Single Man.

· Did Lionsgate drown Joel Schumacher's new film, Blood Creek?


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