All Bow to Paul Giamatti, Your Ironclad King


· Paul Giamatti is aboard Ironclad, a 13th-century-era action epic in which he'll play the wicked tyrant King John. James Purefoy stars opposite as a knight who leads his cohorts in a defense of Rochester Castle against the evil king. Feasts, sneering, revelry, violence, dancing, a love scene, men falling over walls, arrow-induced death throes, stumbling horses and motivational protagonist monologues are all likely to ensue; we won't know for sure until someone passes a script our way. But you know how these things go. [Variety]

Rebecca Hall faces Liars, Penn and Teller go gumshoe, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· The revolving door spins for Richard Linklater's comedy Liars A-E, inviting Rebecca Hall to play the lead role of a woman reclaiming belongings from ex-boyfriends on a roadtrip during Obama's inauguration. Random! Meanwhile Kat Dennings, who'd previously signed on as the woman's best friend, jumped ship. [Variety]

· Penn and Teller have struck a deal with ABC for an untitled pilot featuring the pair as Vegas magicians by night and "reluctant detectives" by day. Think of it as CSI: Bullshit!, and you're probably on the right track. [THR]

· Wow: Universal has frozen any further development spending in 2009 on any films not greenlit or fast-tracked. It's September, guys. Brutal. [Variety]

· This sounds kind of amazing, really: Billy Ray Cyrus is attached to star in the Hallmark Channel original movie Christmas in Canaan, based on a novel co-written by Kenny Rogers and dealing with two young boys -- one black and one white -- bonding over a wounded puppy in 1960s Texas. Except the puppy is just a scheme plotted by Cyrus and the black kid's grandma, intended to heal the boys' schoolyard rift. Needless to say, the viewing party will be at my place. [THR]


  • stolidog says:

    So, how do you create a scheme involving a wounded puppy? Did they have to chop off it's tail to get the boys interested?