Ali Larter Talks with Movieline About Heroes's 'Return to Form' and the Legacy of Obsessed


We know Ali Larter best in the following forms: blown to bits, brought back from the dead, and fixated on man-stealing. The Heroes actress's role on the NBC show, Tracy Strauss, endured being reduced to literal smithereens before seeing exhumation in time for the show's fourth-season premiere next Monday. Meanwhile, in Obsessed, Larter ignored a key voicemail from Beyonce and opted to persevere in her quest to, shall we say, win over Idris Elba. Larter spoke with Movieline about these cult phenomena, how Heroes plans to change, and the response one gets after being named one of cinema's nine elite crazy white bitches.

In Heroes's fourth season, which NBC has hailed as a return to form, Larter told us her character's relationship with H.R.G. [Jack Coleman] becomes more profound.

"The scripts are so tight," Larter said. "They're bringing together characters you haven't seen coming together before. For me, one of the things I think is so much fun, we're going back to what really grabbed the audience our first season. You'll see a lot of human connection and a lot of feelings and emotions, but also, we'll answer some of the questions about what really happened to these people while they're experiencing these powers. You're going to see more of Tracy, and how she and H.R.G. are coming to deal with things in their own life. Sometimes they're having experiences with other people, and that helps them learn about themselves."

As for the legacy of Obsessed, Larter said that the movie came out at the right time and won exactly the fan base its makers intended.

"It's entertaining! Every time I go into an airport, forget it. The people that watched that movie bought that movie. Honestly, I think people are so overwhelmed now, they want to watch things that let people escape reality. I'm still so excited to be in a movie that lets people laugh."

Heroes returns on Monday and our equilibrium after watching Obsessed for the first time returns never.