Pedro Almodóvar Snubbed (Again) By Spain's Oscar Committee


Pedro Almodóvar may be one of Spain's most Oscar-laden exports, but that doesn't mean he's a sure bet for awards glory, according to the committee that picks Spain's official submission for Best Foreign Language Film. The director's latest film, the Penelope Cruz drama Broken Embraces, was snubbed from even the three-movie shortlist the committee has just put together, and it's hardly the first time Almodóvar has found himself in this position.

As it happens, though Almodóvar is one of the biggest names in foreign filmmaking, he's only had two of his films Oscar-nominated for Best Foreign Film: 1988's Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, and 1999's All About My Mother (which won). Only three other times did Spain even submit a film of his as their official pick, touting High Heels, The Flower of My Secret and Volver, none of which found their way into the five nominees.

Still, it's not as though Almodóvar must rely on the committee's picks or perish; famously, Spain refused to submit the director's Talk to Her as its official entry in 2002, and then Almodóvar won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay anyway.