From the Director of Taken Comes John Travolta's Latest Bear Antihero


Though The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 didn't perform to expectations, John Travolta is not going to be dissuaded: He's got another installment of his "goateed anger bear" action movies ready to go, and this one -- From Paris with Love -- is from the director of spring hit Taken. So how does the trailer look?

A little bit generic, to be honest. Maybe we've all been spoiled by the Taken trailer (which was beautifully cut within an inch of its life and definitely a prime motivator for the film's sleeper success), but this looks like your standard Jason Statham Euro thriller and not much more. There's no more frisson when John Travolta drops the f-bomb, people -- not when he already asked an audience this summer to "lick my bunghole" (and the audience wisely declined).