Buzz Break: Crocheted Blanchett


· Cate Blanchett is taking some heat for wearing this on a Melbourne red carpet. TMZ already made the Roseanne's couch joke, so we'll just point and stare.

· Glee's audience dropped 11% from last week; that 11% quite deservedly missed out on the electric screen chemistry between Stephen Tobolowsky and Josh Groban.

· Our intrepid stablemate Nikki Finke reports The Hollywood Reporter will be going online-only this year, and will erect a Iron Subscription Curtain. The Cold Trades War begins.

· Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary succumbed to leukemia yesterday at age 72. Here she is at their peak in 1963, singing their signature hit. Hammer on in heaven, Mary.

· Here's a preview of Amy Poehler's completely improvised Paula Abdul impression on her upcoming Inside the Actors' Studio. Forever the skies and love and people, indeed.


  • Furious D says:

    1. That's the proof I need to charge Cate Blanchett with stealing my grandmother's throw rug! GIVE BACK NANNY'S RUG YOU FIEND!
    2. They're the Bogie/Bacall of the 21st Century.
    3. Way to go Variety, give people yet another reason to not read you.
    4. Sad, no joke.
    5. Sad, no joke.

  • Sookie says:

    Furious D, are you sure that 1. isn't also sad, no joke? Actually, I'm not sure it isn't a joke.