You Could Be My Black Joan Holloway Tonight

· Have these ceased to be funny yet? Nope. Not yet.

· Henry Gibson, who rose to fame holding a gigantic flower on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In as he recited mock poetry he composed himself, and who more most recently played a judge on Boston Legal, died today. He was 73.

· From the same slice-and-dicer who brought us the Ghost Busters (1954) trailer comes this spin on Raiders of the Lost Ark as 1950s adventure serial, made from the very movies from which Raiders was inspired. Suddenly, Indy's preference of gun over whip makes more sense with Heston in the part. [whoiseyevan via BoingBoing]

· Mario Lopez wears fishnets, garters, ladies underwear, and a leather bustier in the upcoming season of Extra Nip/Tuck.

· Yo Abercrombie, I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé made one of the best fragrances called Fierce of all time.

· Universal Orlando and Warners have been going nuts unveiling their plans for Harry Potter Land, aka The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, aka the place you're going to be dragged to by your kids and find yourself shelling out twelve bucks apiece for Magic Wand Churros. Take a tour with this interactive map.