My Favorite Scene: 90210's Maeve Quinlan Edition!


Sometimes Movieline's "My Favorite Scene" feature is a bit too intimidating. Who can choose just one of Charlie Chaplin's gymnastic eye rolls? Or one searing Marlon Brando monologue? I can't even decide between Lesley Ann Warren's several scenes of sauntering through the study while brandishing a cigarette and a candlestick in Clue. Maeve Quinlan, who starred for over a decade on The Bold and the Beautiful before landing the role of Constance Tate-Duncan on the new 90210, has a wide assortment of favorite movies and shared them all for our newest "MFS" installment.

Quinlan, who was initially overwhelmed by the question, selected a winning triumvirate to answer the challenge.

"I was just watching Young Frankenstein. I love when Igor says [feigning Marty Feldman's exaggerated hump], 'Walk this way,' or the whole 'roll in the hay' scene. But I think one of my favorite scenes, and I've obviously been focused on comedy these days, is Hank Azaria in The Birdcage. I just love Birdcage, Hank is a friend of mine. It's so great, and it was so funny. I just think that movie stands the test of time, and it was released, what, ten years ago? And for dramas, I love Heat. I love that movie, and Michael Mann is a fantastic director."

A piquant trio! Tune in next time when, perhaps, we can track down her TV daughter Jessica Lowndes and hear about her love of Sophie's Choice, Look Who's Talking Too, and Intolerance.


  • np says:

    I think the 'roll in the hay' scene is probably one of my favorite scenes from a comedy ever.

  • RORY says:

    Omg I LOVE her. She was brilliant in Not Easily Broken and Ken Park. Too good for 90210 quite frankly. And as far as her choices? Brilliant. Talk about taste and wit all rolled into one. A true trifecta!
    Love this section of movieline..