Breaking: Zac Efron Now Fake-Repped By Ari Gold


· Zac Efron's Entourage cameo had the unwashed actor meandering through a Nike store, firing one agent for shady merchandising practices and hiring Ari in the very same conversation. "College Musical!" Ari did not just say that!

· HBO registered the trademark for a planned True Blood video game, which will eventually provide over 70 hours of fully immersive game play, and one final hour of giant-letdown gameplay. In other TB news, the finale pulled in 5.1 million viewers, 200,000 fewer than its season high.


· Would you like to contribute your own LOLCATS-esque take on the Kanye West VMAs debacle? I'mma Let You Finish's lines are now open.

· Tom DeLay has been injured during the rigorous rehearsal process for Dancing with the Stars, tweeting, "Old age is catching up to me. May have a stress fracture in my foot. No worries, it'll take more than that to keep me off the dance floor." He then updated, "No stress fracture. It's a pre-stress fracture. I live for another day."

· Need something to carry you over until the next season of Lost? Here's five notorious unresolved TV plotlines.