Trailer for DeNiro/Norton/Jovovich Potboiler Stone Provides No Easy Answers


Here's what we know about Stone: It's a psychological crime thriller set in a prison that re-teams The Score's Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton, only with Milla Jovovich now added to the mix, making her the de facto Marlon Brando (only more butch). Norton plays cornrowed prisoner "Stomp," DeNiro's the ... jaded parole officer? ... and Jovovich is Stomp's beautiful wife, sent by her husband to seduce DeNiro.

Still, we're left with more questions than answers.

1. So does this mean Jovovich is in the same weight-class as DeNiro and Norton now? Or is it the other way around? Or is this some strange casting aberration, and not in any way reflective of the overall bankability/compatibility of any of these varyingly beloved movie stars?

2. What exactly is the regional accent Norton is affecting? Cajun? Missourian? Peloponnesian-American?

3. This is from the director of The Painted Veil. That's ... good, right?

4. Well? Did DeNiro's character know what he was doing when he let Stomp's wife suck his c**k?

5. Does the final montage of quick-cuts bear any subliminal messages? I could have sworn I saw a flash of a pentagram, Ronald McDonald, and a guy spinning around in a NASA centrifuge for a second there.