Taylor Swift Breaks Down Every Kanye-Ambushed Millisecond on The View


Taylor Swift appeared on The View today to perform her single "You Belong With Me" and discuss the second-by-second details of Kanye West's ill-timed, pointing-heavy shout-out to Beyonce on Sunday. Apparently, this is what happened: She was giving her VMA acceptance speech and dreaming of a well-deserved post-show Klondike bar, and then Kanye interrupted (first with his cool haircut, then with his words), and suddenly the dream of finishing her oratorio with a shout-out to the fans was deferred. Sure, that's kinda what we could have assumed, but what were we expecting her to say, "And then Kanye committed hari kari just off-camera"? The video, which provoked West to apologize to Swift on the phone, after the jump.

Sure, the video is more interesting than hearing Swift call herself "a geek" again, but it's still not as compelling as watching Kanye West deliver a ratings-friendly mea culpa. Come on, Swift: Take the lead here! The door was open for a quick comment to guest panelist Kate Gosselin such as, "I mean, Kanye's a hassle, but he's not attached to tiger-print Ed Hardy hoodies or 20-year-old wonk-eyed mistresses with a homewrecker M.O., am I right?"

West Calls Taylor Swift After View Appearance [AP]


  • Lowbrow says:

    I felt a great injustice had been set right when Beyoncé humbly gave up her stage time for winning Video of the Year so that Taylor Swift could have the chance to complete her award acceptance.
    But then I was pissed all over again when that daffy bitch Taylor didn't even bother to mention a mere thank you to Beyoncé for the extremely kind gesture.
    Oh well, at least the evening saw Lady Gaga usher in a well-deserved era of grandeur in regard to the forearm crutch.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux says:

    I cringed too when she managed to thank her little brother's school, but Beyoncé slipped her mind. She's still young, tho; she'll learn.