Whitney Houston's Shocking Oprah Revelations: Drug Recipe, Spitting, and Bobbi Kristina's Trip to Rehab


Whether or not you caught this afternoon's Oprah Winfrey Show premiere featuring a Whitney Houston interview so juicy that it had to be broken into two parts (the other airs tomorrow), rest assured that Movieline has compiled Houston's most shocking revelations for you to use during tomorrow's water-cooler discussion. After the jump, find everything from Houston's How-To Guide on smoking rock cocaine to her definition of physical abuse (that conveniently excludes Bobby's spitting and hitting) to Bobbi Kristina's own visit to rehab.

It's no secret that Whitney Houston is a difficult interview subject. She made a mockery of Diane Sawyer during a combative 20/20 interview and cussed out a prying Wendy Williams in the radio host's definitive interview. So how did Winfrey open Houston's floodgates? It helped that she staged the interview in the memory-packed Town Hall theater (where Houston first became aware of her talent) and did something that no other interviewer has done: validated Houston's bizarre attraction to Bobby Brown. Citing hers own interview with Brown a decade earlier, Winfrey said that she "understood" how Brown could be "alluring." Vindicated, Houston opened up for her most revealing, drug-a-licious confessions to date. Here are the nine biggest:

1. Whitney's Own Marijuana Rock Cocaine Recipe: "You put your marijuana, you lace it, you roll it up and you smoke it," Houston explained. "We didn't have a glass or doing the pipe-smoking, we didn't get that far." For Brown's variation on the recipe, just add alcohol.

2. There Was No Crack On Whitney and Bobby's Drug Schedule: "We didn't do no crack. We weren't buying like $20 jumbles. We were buying -- paying money. We were buying ounces and we had our schedule."

3. Oprah's Not Really Up On Today's Drug World: After Winfrey asked a series of fumbling questions about Houston's drug habits, even the television audience full of suburban housewives grew embarrassed. Houston had to carefully explain just how she consumed the crack to a disbelieving Winfrey: "You put it in your marijuana pipe. Stay with me here, Oprah."

4. Whitney Was So Drug-Addicted That She Forgot About Her Voice: "I had so much money at that point, it was like phssss."

5. When You See the Hatred in Bobby Brown's Eyes, Understand that He Only Feels That Way Because He Loves You: After Winfrey asked Houston what was the most awful thing Brown ever said to her, the singer talked about the time when Bobbi Kristina walked in on her inebriated father spitting on her mother ("He spit on me, in my face"). Soon after, Brown swore at Whitney in front of her parents. Oh, and this was the night that Whitney threw him a birthday party that she'd paid for.

6. Whitney's Definition of Physical Abuse: When asked if Brown was physically abusive, Houston responded, "Oh physically [abusive]? No way. No, no way." Buuuuuuut, she later revealed that there was that one time when Brown pushed her against a wall in a "hateful, ugly" moment and Houston reciprocated by slamming him on the head with a telephone, drawing blood. And he slapped her once. And there was the spitting thing (see above).

7 Bobby's Pick-Up Line: Houston denied that her relationship with Brown was strategic: "I was at a Soul Train Awards show. He came onstage to do 'My Prerogative.' He was fly. He could move, man." Brown's smooth come-on to Houston? "Something like, 'Hey check this out. Let me ask you something?'"

8. Bobby Will Cheat And He Doesn't Care If You Know: Not caring to even cover his tracks, Brown freely used Houston's credit cards to charge his expenses for other women.

9. Whitney, Bobby, and Bobbi Kristina Have Been to Rehab: Houston admitted that she told Bobbi Kristina about her parents' drug use and brought her to an Atlanta drug rehabilitation center for mothers and daughters. "I don't lie to her," she claimed.

The rest of Whitney's interview and her emotional performance of "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" will air tomorrow.


  • jensen says:

    guess what, i don't really care to hear this nor to focus on such a negative expression of life. Was a Whitney fan when she first came on the scene and now...not so much. To spend two hours talking about drug use is a waste of time. She had a fabulous god given talent and got sloppy with her life...so just clean up your act, make good music and get on with it.

  • Holie says:

    Glad to see Whitney bouncing back. Hope she continues to rise above the drugs and drama.

  • Lowbrow says:

    The highest-paid piece of shit in history.

  • Her voice may sound smoky, but she still looks good.

  • Mike S says:

    It's a shame everyone could see how much of low-life bobby was except whitney. That level of fame is obviously very difficult, most people who get there stumble.She's not the only one whos had it all and tossed it away,the shame is she tossed it for classless POS. Sadly as I watched the interview...I came away with the impression that she was not being totally honest. but all in all I'm very glad she's back,She looks great and sounds damn good.

  • kel says:

    with everything that happen too u whitney i still love her. i pray so much to God for her too come back too her self and GOD hard my prayer

  • steve says:

    whitney for me was my heroine,,,pity she needed a drug fueled sex addiction to make a comeback,she made heaps of money from me ,a fan,used it for drugs and was never in control,i blame the hype,her personal friends and herself,,she has just to remind herself that she is family of doinnne warwick..that should have kept her on the straight and narrow,i will buy her music again and again..she has the raw talent and is still smokin' hot woman...she could be the dethrone shaka khan,annie lennox,madonna,maria,kylie,cmon,,my black princess,,take your rightful place..

  • Chicago48 says:

    boy -- I'm glad she explained Bobby, because to the outside world it was "WTF" is she doing with him. But I can understand. I come from the ghetto and those guys can smooth talk a woman into almost anything. Glad her mom stepped in, because Whitney was on a downhill spiral to the gutter.

  • I really feel sorry for her, all that shes gone through. But at list at the end she left Bobby. That's what counts now.
    But for sure, she will always remember him.

  • shaniqua says:

    an whos the lowest? yo mama?

  • Lowbrow says:

    Shaniqua, girrrl, you best shut yo mouth!

  • Prattville AL says:

    I feel that somehow Oprah was relating to the story on a personal level. I feel that Oprah has gone through something and it showed, it seems like she is or had to deal with abuse. Maybe not drugs, but I feel like she's going through HURT well. Glad to see Whitney's back and I pray her all the BEST.

  • Asa Yandle says:

    Watched her Birmingham performance on youtune. The "I Will Always Love You" performance bombed in a few places, but nowhere near as awful as the press is making out. Hey! some of the other songs eg 'I will always love you' were good. Admire her for not lip sync-ing. Go Whitney! we're rooting for ya!