Ed Westwick Goes 'Full Winehouse'


· Sadly, it would appear that Gossip Girl MVP Ed Westwick has neglected to take our advice regarding actors and tattoos, as he's added two huge new pieces to his arms (including the feather shown here). Here's hoping that Heathcliff won't be wearing any tank tops! A picture of Westwick's other new tattoo, after the jump:


· Disney's D23 Expo was full of little news tidbits this weekend, including Toy Story 3 details and the announcement of Jason Segel's Muppets reboot, entitled The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made.

· "A lot of us in the younger generation, the people that I've worked with, haven't got the memo about the tongue issue," said Jennifer's Body and Chloe star Amanda Seyfried this week at TIFF. "It's still very awkward kissing your co-worker, it's just not natural, but there's a lot of tongue involved in the younger generation when I make out with my co-stars."

· Cancellation-prone Eric Balfour is joining the Mischa Barton-toplined A Beautiful Life, reports Michael Ausiello. That should help things!

· To help loosen you up for tonight, here's the Jay Leno Drinking Game. Finally, an excuse to pin our hangovers on tomorrow.


  • jimmy james monkey death says:

    Mr. Westwick should have combined his two ideas into one awesome tattoo of Uhura doing that fan/feather dance.